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“KAP is an energy transformation practice used to achieve your highest potential for those seeking to connect with their intuition and inner wisdom.

KAP Experience short film


Meet Jameelah ...

Jameelah Nuriddin is a trauma certified energy worker who holds certifications in Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy and healing intergenerational and racial trauma through Breathwork. Her background includes extensive training in Mindfulness, Shamonic, and Transcendental Meditations; and has also trained with West African priestesses in ancient lunar manifestation techniques. Jameelah supports her clients while they transmute and shed heavy thoughts, patterns and emotions. Jameelah is one of a few hundred people in the world to become a certified Kundalini Activation facilitator. She was taught to transmit raw kundalini life force energy directly from Venant Wong, the creator of KAP (Kundalini Activation Process) and formal devotee of spiritual realizer Adi Da Samraj. 


Along with kundalini life force, Jameelah also transmits the most native state of non-dual awareness which cultivates a deep experience of oneness with all things. Jameelah's unique background in the Performing Arts, Sat Nam Rasayan, Breathwork, Trauma Healing, and West African Yoruba Spirituality - blends to create a powerful alchemy of grounding and healing energy - this connects her clients to their innate divinity, inner wisdom, and profound intuition.

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KAP {Kundalini Activation Process} is a direct energy transmission ...

It creates cathartic experiences that give way to deeper realizations ...


In a session, spontaneous movements can and do arise; visions, insights, and transpersonal awareness can occur - feelings of bliss and cosmic unity. Your only focus is to lay back, relax, and surrender.

The KAP with Jameelah was such a magical experience. I felt so supported and loved through the process and felt safe enough to really let myself move with the energy. I was able to clear so much out of my energy field and awakened to new aspects of my being. It was so profound and so beautiful.

Sara Ryder, Costa Rica


Activating is a process. Awakening is a process. Healing is a process. Growth is a process. Life is a process.


KAP doesn’t guarantee, or even promise immediate awakening, let alone enlightenment. No practice, method or person could make that promise with any degree or credibility. 

KAP is a transmission of two energies: life force and consciousness. It helps you acknowledge, face, and clear energetic knots through movement, downloads, or emotional purging. It also helps you expand your consciousness through a direct experience of (feeling) energy, visuals, or even bliss states.

Direct experience changes your perception of reality by allowing you to connect, feel, and “know” (without a doubt) that there is a greater force, a consciousness, that underlies, permeates, and unites every existing thing.


Catharsis and felt experience deepen with continued exposure to KAP. The depth to which you can go largely depends on how open you are, how ready you are, and most importantly - how much you surrender.


Eventually the goal is to embody elevated states of consciousness - which transforms your life.


No one can predict, control, or even influence when or how quickly it will happen. Timing is individual … and divinely guided.


Trust the process.


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Online gatherings, sessions and workshops to receive KAP remotely (yes, it transmits). There are workshops to receive guidance around spiritual integration. 

Beautiful Kundalini Activation Process

In-person gatherings, in sacred spaces cultivated by Jameelah, who currently resides in Costa Rica and offers regular open sessions.


Both in-person and remote sessions are offered for a deep dive into your personal relationship with Shakti/Kundalini and Non-Dual States of consciousness.

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Surrender to Beauty

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"Close your eyes. Fall in love. Stay there."

- Rumi

The “work” is developing a level of self love that allows you to break the patterns that are holding you back. The work is creating awareness around your own energy so you can recognize the cycles that are keeping you from experiencing who you really are.


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