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I build projects from ideation to execution. From the ground floor, I have launched civic initiatives, global youth workshops, and professional programs for women. Working with the Office of Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas, I spoke at the 23rd Annual Empowerment Congress Summit, alongside Cornell West on “Charting a vision: arts for community revitalization.”


I am the Co-Founder of Imaginese Youth Workshops - building confidence through creativity in east and south Los Angeles, and Bali, Indonesia. Partnering with the Bresee Foundation, Greenway Arts Alliance, and the Spark Program I provided artistic mentorship and engaging curriculum that touched hundreds of young lives. 92% of our students are on track to graduate on time, compared to the average of 68% in these districts.


I volunteered early on for the Actor’s Gang Prison Project, endorsed by the U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, as we worked to reduce the recidivism rate in California prisons through creative expression.

In no particular order, I enjoy chocolate, cartwheels, and creativity.

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