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Plant Medicine Journey

Let yourself be free.

Thursday, February 22nd @ 5pm ~ Cocles, Puerto Viejo - Costa Rica

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2.22 portal

Enter a portal of safety, security and divine connection. Honoring the ancient indigenous wisdom of pcyllocibin meditation, we’ve cultivated an experience using ethically-sourced psilocybe cubensis - either bathed in premium Costa Rican chocolate or raw.


You will be led through a healing and rejuvenating shamonic meditation by Jameelah, multi-certified meditation coach and energy worker. Throughout the ceremony you’ll be protected and guided through music and cymatic technology by multi-instrumentalist, Lester Seal.

Together these experiences create a cocoon of healing and rejuvenating energy; fertile ground for profound self-discovery and awareness.

Ancestral Sound Journey

Reconnect with the deepest parts of yourself and awaken to that inner calling that is ever present and always around us.

Lester Seal’s Ancestral Sound Journey takes you on a shamanic journey back to the realms of nature and spirit.

Come on a journey to remember who you are.


Shamonic Meditation

Jameelah Nuriddin is a trauma certified energy worker who holds certifications in Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy and healing intergenerational and racial trauma through Breathwork. Jameelah supports her clients while they transmute and shed heavy thoughts, patterns and emotions.

Jameelah is a certified Kundalini Activation Process facilitator. She was taught to transmit raw kundalini life force energy directly from Venant Wong, the creator of KAP (Kundalini Activation Process) and formal devotee of spiritual realizer Adi Da Samraj.

Jameelah transmits the most native state of non-dual awareness. Her background in the Arts, Sat Nam Rasayan, and West African Yoruba Spirituality - blends to create a powerful alchemy of grounding and healing energy - this connects her clients to their innate divinity, inner wisdom, and profound intuition.

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