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"Joy is the passkey to Abundance; and Love is the whole story." - SS

Breathwork for Healing Racial Trauma

Self-regulation is being in the driver seat of your own lived experience. It is that gentle space between an event and your reaction to it. It allows for a clearer picture that is informed by your most grounded state (from your vagus nerve) rather than your automatic, preconceived response. Do no live life condemned to your old behavioral patterns. Be free.


One highly effective self-regulating tool is deep diaphragmatic breathing.



I believe Black womxn are the truth. To create a healing space where we can release any and everything that needs to be healed is beautiful.

If you are a Black womxn, or you know one who needs to cry, shake, rage, or laugh hysterically - all the things that they have told us not to ... then sign up in the email list below.


Breathwork is a tool for self-regulation. It is a way to process unhealed, and unknown traumas in the body - completely bypassing the mind or ego. It is tapping directly into your nervous system - the autonomic nervous system (fight, flight, freeze) to UNEARTH, and the regulatory vagus (rest and digest) systems to PROCESS and HEAL.

After this you will release years, if not decades of trauma - most of it not belonging to you. Intergenerational trauma will be transmuted and you will feel FREEDOM on a whole new level.



I offer in-person, and virtual sacred spaces, carefully curated to provide a safe and relaxed environment to transmute into wholeness.  The vibrant community and connections that are made in this state of consciousness are rare.

Connect to the email list below to hear about the next event.


"Jameelah creates such a safe and loving environment to heal and let go; she's a fierce protector of the energy and knows how to support every kind of release."

— Jennifer, CEO/Founder

“I feel so lucky to have found Jameelah; her level of detail and care in how she explains and facilitate breathwork is next level.


I am hooked and keep coming back for deeper and deeper realizations.”

— Naomi, Sr Director, Human Resources

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