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Noir Nights

An illumiating way into connection ...

Location - private residence, Cocles


The night revolves around one simple game ... Ask anything. Each person writes a question on a slip of paper anonymously. It could be about but not limited to ... Sex Philosophy Relationship Advice Love Death Humor Trivia

After horderves, we will lounge around the bowl of questions. Answering them one by one, using hive mind discussion. The author of the question can choose to reveal themselves, or not ...

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The kind of party that Eartha Kitt and Fela Kuti would be proud of ... Snack menu includes childhood nostaliga cusine. *Elevated* kid classics like: Grilled cheezse and tomato soup; Decadent PB & J; Gourmet 'Fun Sized' Snickers; Mocktails ...

This is a monthly pop-up, centering marginalized counter culture. We are cultivating intimacy. We are exploring Self Liberation, Afro-Indulgence. Neo-Futurism, Quantum Culture, & Speakeasy Seduction. What if social connection could be ...

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...Type vibe

Recommended dress ... black and sultry.

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