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The Peace Portal

The peace portal is a rare opportunity to experience KAP (Kundalini Activation Process), a healing modality that activates your own self healing systems. You are held in an energetic field that empowers your energy bodies to realign. It looks different in every single person, each time. 


Some key common experiences are:

spontaneous movements,

emotional release,


transpersonal awareness,

deep bliss,

cosmic unity. 


All you need to ‘do’ is lay back, relax, and surrender.

Who is KAP for?

There are no prerequisites to joining a KAP session. It is for you - if you feel curious and are drawn to something larger than yourself.


What to Expect?

This practice is surrender based; you will lay back on a mat while music is played. The facilitator hovers over certain chakra points, meridians and energy centers of the body and you begin to feel things - sensations, emotions, releases … all from your own life force energy. 


With repetition, the benefits of KAP become part of your daily life - your inner light shines outward, your essence becomes enchanting.


Dive deep into two back to back somatic practices that will deepen your relationship to self & source.


First, we will guide intuitive somatic release processes using stretching, shaking and pranayama breath techniques to release stagnant energy and tension within our bodies.

As we open up and tune into feeling fully and deeply, we will flow into a 60 minute KAP session with Jameelah. KAP stands for Kundalini Activation Process, an energy field of heightened life force (also known as Qi, Ase, Prana). KAP is a surrender-based healing modality where your body, mind, spirit intuitively heals itself.

With a heightened electromagnetic field, your intuition becomes clearer; your ability to manifest and attract deepens.

Clients experience a deeper sense of inner peace and cultivate an inner ‘knowing’, that aligns you to your highest purpose in life.


about the facilitator

Jameelah Nuriddin is a trauma certified energy worker who holds certifications in Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy and healing intergenerational and racial trauma through Breathwork. Jameelah supports her clients while they transmute and shed heavy thoughts, patterns and emotions.

Jameelah is a certified Kundalini Activation Process facilitator. She was taught to transmit raw kundalini life force energy directly from Venant Wong, the creator of KAP (Kundalini Activation Process) and formal devotee of spiritual realizer Adi Da Samraj.

Jameelah transmits the most native state of non-dual awareness. Her background in the Arts, Sat Nam Rasayan, and West African Yoruba Spirituality - blends to create a powerful alchemy of grounding and healing energy - this connects her clients to their innate divinity, inner wisdom, and profound intuition.

Everything is Energy ...

Everything is energy … including your ability to self-heal. KAP or Kundalini Activation Process is a pure transmission of life force energy. It is an energetic field, in which your ability to heal, transmute, let go, process, shed, overcome, align, and just be - is heightened. It is a natural process leaning on centuries of cultivation and study through non-duality and life force (Qi, Ase, prana, etc).


KAP is one of those experiences that can’t be explained with words alone. Much like trying to describe music to someone who has never heard it, words cannot encapsulate the KAP experience. In the moment, we try, we fail. Instead, KAP is something you have to experience, something to try out. It is universal. It is easeful. You don’t have to believe in anything or do anything at all. You only have to bring a curiosity to whether there is a power greater than yourself … and a willingness to surrender.


That's it. Then marvel at the profound joy of aligning with your deepest self.


Images by @hestiaphotoexperience 

Sounds by @lestersealsounds

Created by @jameelahcreates

"It was like an out of body experience; I felt my third eye opening as well as my entire body becoming numb, as if I had taken pain killers. Powerful, potent medicine. Highly recommend to anyone who is looking to deeply connect with themselves and uncover more." 

- Alexis Phillips, Puerto Viejo

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