KAP with Jameelah

Kundalini Activation Process

Jameelah transmits ...


Jameelah Nuriddin is one of 173 people in the world to become a certified KAP facilitator. She was taught to transmit raw kundalini life force energy directly from Venant Wong, the creator of the KAP process and formal devotee of spiritual realizer Adi Da Samraj.


Along with kundalini life force, Jameelah also transmits the most native state of non-dual awareness which cultivates a deep experience of oneness with all things. Jameelah's unique background in the Performing Arts, Sat Nam Rasayan, Breathwork, Trauma Healing, and West African Yoruba Spirituality - blends to create a powerful alchemy of grounding and healing energy - this connects her students to their innate divinity, inner wisdom, and profound intuition.


KAP {Kundalini Activation Process} is a direct energy transmission ...

that creates cathartic experiences that give way to deeper realizations ...


In a session, spontaneous movements can and do arise; visions, insights, and transpersonal awareness can occur - feelings of bliss and cosmic unity. Your only focus is to lay back, relax, and surrender.


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Breathwork for Healing Racial Trauma


Breath work is an ancient healing modality that allows you to access emotions, memories, and feelings that are stored in your body, its tissues, and its micro-energetic field.


Through moving the breath (or prana) through our body consciously, systematically, and repetitively - we can reach new depths of mental clarity, emotional catharsis, and physical radiance.

Jameelah specializes in a style of Breathwork that is powerful for transmuting trauma - specifically racial trauma - which is held in the body's tissues and is passed down generationally.


"Curating sacred spaces to heal intergenerational trauma gives me a profound sense of oneness and

deep connection to providence."

~ Jameelah