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Limited Time.
Existing Clients Only.

Clearing life’s obstacles and aligning with your highest purpose gets to be EASEFUL.

(Once you practice surrender.)

Good news is :: there is elegantly simple practice waiting right here for you. 🜃

Let’s repurpose the energy from tension, problems and stress in your life into BLISS STATES, UNIMAGINABLE GOLDEN OPPORTUNITIES, and ALIGNED FLOW.

𓂀 Using time-tested, ten thousand year old techniques - we use life force (kundalini) activation to clear stagnant energy.


Clients feel lighter, clearer, and more sensitive to their intuition and gut instincts. This unveils the greatest chapter in their lives. 𓐑

A 1:1 private session includes ::

  • A BODY SCAN - 1:1 with Jameelah;

  • Consultation on energetic/ GROWTH GOALS and challenges;

  • SOMATIC THERAPY PRACTICE tailored to your needs; (optional recording for lifetime access);

  • 1:1 KUNDALINI ACTIVATION with Jameelah;

  • Post-PROCESSING session including specific recommendations.

Together, we are expanding the capacity for what is possible. For the highest good of all, and to the harm of none. Àṣẹ.


Private Packages 

Discounts ranging from 25% - 55% off

For existing clients only.

What Clients Are Saying ...

Everyday people's results ::

"It was like an out of body experience; I felt my third eye opening as well as my entire body becoming numb, as if I had taken pain killers. Powerful, potent medicine. Highly recommend to anyone who is looking to deeply connect with themselves and uncover more." 

- Alexis Phillips, Puerto Viejo

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